Other Gifts

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Each year, the Foundation receives many gifts "in memory" and "in honor" of family and friends. Donors recognize the importance that the Marine Corps and/or the Marine Corps University Foundation played in their loved ones' lives and want to continue to support our mission. These gifts can be unrestricted, or designated to a specific fund. At the donor's request, the surviving spouse or a designated family member will be notified of the memorial gift. For gifts made "in honor" of an occasion or person, we also will be happy to send a special letter to the honoree notifying this person of the donor's tribute gift.

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Stock Gifts
Stock donations are such a convenient way of giving that many donors use them to also enjoy additional tax savings. If you transfer stock that has been held for more than a year and which has appreciated in value, the Foundation can sell the stock and you will avoid tax on the gain. If your stock has been held for more than a year but has decreased in value, it may be more advantageous to you to sell the stock and give a cash gift to the Foundation

To make a gift of securities, please call
(or have your broker call):

Mana Zarinejad

Matching Gifts
Many Foundation supporters take advantage of their company's matching gift program. A matching gift program is a corporate-sponsored benefit that matches, doubles or even triples an employee's gift to the Foundation. Some companies also match gifts from retirees, spouses, surviving spouses and outside directors. To find out if your company has a matching gift program, contact your Human Resources Department. If your company has a matching gift plan, request the appropriate form and send it to the Foundation with your contribution.