Combined Federal Campaign

Combined Federal Campaign LogoThe Marine Corps University Foundation has met the requirements of the Office of Personnel Management and has been accepted to participate in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) with the designation of 11308.

CFC is a U.S. Government program that allows Federal Employees and members of the U.S. Military to make tax deductible contributions to qualified charities through payroll deductions. Many Federal Employees and members of the U.S. Military participate by making small allotments from their monthly pay. Over the year this typically amounts to a modest individual contribution. The aggregate of all participating employees becomes a sizeable contribution to the designated charity. CFC Campaigns are currently in progress across the Federal Community.

If you are an eligible employee, or a member of the U.S. Military, designate a tax deductible allotment to the Marine Corps University Foundation, agency number 11308. If you are not eligible to participate in the CFC, ask your friends and associates who are to make a CFC contribution to MCUF.