Our History

In late 1979, the Command and Staff College envisioned a foundation whose mission would support professional military education and leadership by augmenting government funding when not available.

In June 1980, the Command and Staff College Foundation was established with a generous $100,000 grant from the Astor Foundation, made possible by the late Mrs. Vincent Astor (daughter of Major General John H. Russell, 16th Commandant of the Marine Corps) and her son, Ambassador Anthony D. Marshall. Ambassador Marshall became the Foundation's first and Founding Chairman and continues to support the Foundation today. The late General Leonard F. Chapman Jr., 24th Commandant of the Marine Corps became the Foundation's Founding President.

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In October 1991, the Foundation initiated a capital campaign to equip the new General Alfred M. Gray Marine Corps Research Center (GRC) with state-of-the-art library technologies and electronic capabilities to support Marines around the world. With Foundation Staff and Trustees leading the way, corporate friends of the Marine Corps provided unprecedented support. The campaign was a resounding success and concluded in 1995 with more than $6 million pledged. Upgrading the library with state-of-the-art technologies established the GRC as a unique resource in both academic and military circles.
On November 10, 1996, in order to better reflect the creation of Marine Corps University, comprised of other schools alongside Command and Staff College, the Foundation’s name was changed to the present day Marine Corps University Foundation. Also in 1996, the Foundation expanded support beyond the Marine Corps University at Quantico. Financial support for battle studies, staff rides, visiting scholars and the establishment of professional libraries became available to the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment of the Marine Corps. By using funds designated to the Marine Corps University Foundation through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and a grant from the Navy League of the United States, New York Council, professional military education programs and libraries were initiated to provide opportunities to Marines stationed around the world.

Plans for the Future

The Commandant emphasized that professional military education is an essential element of follow-on training for all Marines and has challenged the Marine Corps University to meet the Corps' educational and leadership needs. By establishing professional military education as an essential element for all Marines, the Commandant has underscored and broadened the Foundation's purpose and provided even greater opportunities for the Foundation to expand its mission."

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In 2007, the Foundation provided more than $1 million in program support. This included support to the University as well as to the Operating Forces and Supporting Establishment through our Command Support Program. In 2008 and beyond, the Foundation will continue to meet the challenge and remains committed to provide “Ammunition for the Mind” for all Marines throughout the Marine Corps.

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